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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                lOQ

for a house for the cinq cens makes the approach
from and to the south very awkward and twisting.

My banker tells me I am looked upon to be
a more confidential man of Mr. Pitt's than Lord
M. himself; quite his dme damnee. I think if they
are not more cunning in other things than in this
guess, on en aura bon marche. Is it not laughable ?

Truguet's answer to my application for an
audience came to me enclosed in a bit of brown
paper. He appointed me to be with him at three
o'clock to-day.1 I was introduced to him by M.
Coltrone, chef de la troisieme division. He is a
smart young beau, very polite and chatty; but
upon my bringing Sir Sidney Smith upon the
tapis, he bounced up in a violent passion, said
he had not understood that I was to have any-
thing to say in that business and expressed an
idea that it could not be settled till the cartel was

I had a good deal of talk with him after
that explosion, and when calmer, he assured me
everything would be done that I could wish. I
am to make an official request for leave to visit

I Laurent J. Frangois Truguet, born at Toulon, created
Count in 1814, Peer in 1819, and Admiral (equivalent to
Marshal) in 1831. He commenced his career in the navy
as midshipman, in 1765, and still lives.